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A Girl Like Me (AGLM), a program of The Well Project, is a blog where women ( cis and trans The Well Project serves women across the gender spectrum. (More about gender identity)) can share their experiences and promote understanding of HIV. Millions of women around the globe are living with HIV, yet many feel they are alone in their disease and isolated in their day-to-day experiences. The goals of AGLM are to help normalize HIV; and to create a safe space for women living with HIV from around the world to speak out and share their experiences – with each other, and with those seeking a support community.

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A Girl Like Me is named one of The Best HIV Blogs of 2019 and 2020 by Healthline


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Jan 18, 2011


I'm a 27 year survivor of HIV. I've been widowed since the early 90's  when my husband died of AIDS. I have a degree in Dramatic Studies and a Teaching Certificate which I used to...
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Jan 17, 2011
My head is spinning.  I am typing as fast as I can.  I fear if my fingers stop moving, I may chicken out.  But I know this is right.  Whenever opportunities have presented themselves to me that will...
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Jan 4, 2011
- jae001
I survived the Holidays… Yippeeeee! Now for the New Year! I always love family drama during the holiday (SARCASM), hateful things and actions with the MIL (Mother-in-law). Too bad she just can’t...
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Jan 3, 2011
I have not been able to write in some time as right now my life is in a state of flux. Four years ago my career was at it’s peak. I was a senior television producer for over 7 years with one of the...
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Jan 3, 2011
My name is Lynn, I am 41 years old and I live in Minnesota.  I have one young son who is the light of my life.  I hold a Master’s degree in the mental health field and work two jobs. I have been HIV...
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Dec 22, 2010
As many of you know, I recently had an interview with www.thefrisky.com on World AIDS Day. I had never been involved in something of that...
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Dec 10, 2010
It’s been 2 months since my diagnosis and I am so confused. I got infected early 2010. I have not begun taking any medicines. My doctor has recommended some immunity shots and some vitamins before my...


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