Remember One Thing...

What's new, you asked?  I know it's been a minute, but I need you to understand that I've been on the grind for HIV/AIDS Awareness hardcore still the same.  Simply because so much is going on, but yet so much is still remaining the same.  A different name, another relationship, and yet the same old same old "stuff" that so many of us have to deal with.  HIV/AIDS is spreading like fungus in our communities.

Infected/Affected Who Cares?

Someone once stated "only people who are HIV + can understand HIV",  and I so beg to differ.  As a person who is negative and gets tested on a regular basis and has been doing HIV activism since the 1980's, understanding  whether we are infected or affected HIV/AIDS affects us all.

So, are you saying to me that there is no way watching my good friend intentionally spread the disease, hate the world, and curse me and God/Die, had no effect on me?

Remove Your Mask

1/2 of my LIFE, I've lived behind a MASK…for a MAN.  I hid my true self, true feelings & true sexual desires.  I neglected my wants and gave into the desires of my flesh…For a Man!

1/2 of my LIFE, I've lived behind a MASK…not wanting to expose my deep aches & pains, my brokenness and hid behind broken smiles, 1/2 hugs, kind words, so I wouldn't couldn't feel any pain.

1/2 of my LIFE, I've lived behind this a Mother, Wife, and Woman.  Feeling like my dreams dried up like a raisin in the sun, imprisoned, and bounded by false pre-tenses.

Our Heart...

Do we truly understand the power of learning to listen with our hearts?  Well recently the community has been opening up to me pertaining to HIV/AIDS Awareness, and it's truly amazing! I have been learning to live each moment in love, because life is not promised to us, it is a gift.  We are to savor every moment with those we love, care for, and with our community.  Everything around us is always speaking to us…The question is, are we willing to listen, learn and grow from everyone and everything around us?

What could it be?

I really wonder why people are so quick to attend a baby shower vs. attending an HIV Awareness/Testing Event.  It blows me away to know that we are willing to bring a gift of diapers, play games and smile, as we try to guess the weight and size of the new baby.  We never once mentioned the fact that they should have used a condom!  Hmmm…STDs, HIV, and even unwanted pregnancies….Oh, like what just happened here…. What is the real reason why so many people are scared to even say H—I--V?

To My Sisters…"spoken word style"

Too many of my Sisters are winding up dead because they allow smooth-talking brothers to mess with their head!

Why should another Sister, full of promise, have to die because a man lied about his sexual preference to shield his male pride?

On an endless quest for love and affection, my Sisters are neglecting themselves when they don't insist on using protection.

What many consider just a "casual date" often turns deadly due to poor judgment and careless mistakes.

It is My Business

Did you ever stop to think that just maybe, your actions are affecting me?  I know you say all the time "what I do is my business, I'm not hurting anyone", but the fact of the matter is that yes, you are hurting me!  I sit and watch you day in/day out, and listen to your plight.  You tell me how fatigue you are, how you are discharging, and don't have any appetite, but in the same breathe you are also saying "it's nobody business that you are infected with AIDS"…REALLY!

Let's Applaud Each Other

Let's Stand up and Applaud each other…for survival, strength, determination, Purpose, and Destiny…Now, take a look around you…look to your neighbors on your left and now look to your neighbors on the right…Startling stats tell us that 1 out of 5 people don't know their status…is that you?


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