Living in a Single Room...

Living in a Single Room Occupancy in New York.

Things have really changed since the early 2000's .Am in Manhattan they have always been coed. But now the younger LGBTQIA. Has taken a higher president's in these places. More drugs ,over doses , and solicit sex are happening. Now that it the hotter months more violence will happen. I just pray not in here. We have no curfew here. But there also a high present of ex offenders in here . That do not get the services like I do. I have a counselor, we have a educational counselor, a CASAC AKA drug counselor, and and mental health counselor, also a housing specialist. A plus there a director over the whole program There are people that been here years and some only a few months. But what I find incredibly crazy is how this place makes $6,268,080 a year and can't get the janitors to change a light bulb or fix a bathroom tub that doesn't work, or we have one microwave for 260 people and the kitchen has two eyes on a electric stove that barely work. Someone explain to me how whoever own the building is getting paid and not caring about the people that pay the rent ( government).I think if they knew how bad the conditions were they still wouldn't do anything. That the really sad part. I wonder who I can talk to? On a state level to come in and look at this place.ona surprise visit. They need to do a popup in these shelters. Am grateful to have a room to live in and grateful for my lock on my door and I only use the elevator when I go shopping for water, am on the second floor. Anyone has and suggestions on where I can start .

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