How Can I Not Speak?

What more can I say? When I step into the room, I hear the whispers. I hope she is not going to talk about HIV/AIDS or ask me if I've been tested! I just ignore them and know in my heart… they have no idea that one day…one day they are going to wish they heard me speak about HIV/AIDS. They will be thinking about their grandchildren, sons, daughters, and nieces. People are still becoming infected with the dis-ease… how can I not speak? People are still having sex without protection… how can I not speak? People are still pointing their fingers at everyone else except themselves for their behavior… how can I not speak?

Stop thinking that one must be infected to be an advocate about this pandemic!  Some people speak out about breast cancer and you listen. Some people speak out about mental illness, domestic violence, and you feel comfortable and never once think for a moment that there is a stigma attached to those subjects. Then why HIV/AIDS Awareness?

You must become educated about HIV/AIDS to be better informed and to make better decisions about YOU! Just tell me this… how can I not speak?



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