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Why it's Important to Participate in a Clinical Trial

To date, women have been drastically underrepresented in HIV clinical trials. Women's participation in clinical research helps us understand how HIV acts in the female body. What are the correct HIV drug dosages for women? How do opportunistic infections and gynecological conditions affect HIV+ women? How do the drugs work and what side effects are more likely to occur in women than men?

One way to discover the answers to these questions is for more HIV+ women to join clinical trials. Get involved and see if one is right for you! Remember, not all clinical trials are drug studies. If you need more information about Clinical Trials and what they mean to you, you can read our Frequently Asked Questions or the Understanding Clinical Trials article.

Searching for a Clinical Trial

Clinical Trials are a critical step in the fight against HIV and AIDS. They provide vital information towards the advancement of treatments for, and the management of, HIV disease. The AIDS Community Research Initiative of America (ACRIA) has a detailed clinical trials database that will search and find clinical trials that are relevant to HIV-infected people. is another resources registry of federally and privately supported clinical trials conducted in the United States and around the world. gives you information about a trial's purpose, who may participate, locations, and phone numbers for more details. This information should be used together with the advice from your health care provider.

Search ACRIA Clinical Trials


You may find the following information useful while using the ACRIA clinical trials site:

  • The ACRIA database will only search trials located in the United States and Puerto Rico
  • You can search by condition, treatment, and/or location
  • You can narrow your search by adding personal information such as age, CD4 count, and viral load
  • You can browse ALL trials by category

You may find the following information useful while using the site:

  • The database has trials with locations in 170 countries (clinical trials cover many different diseases)
  • You can search by condition, treatment, and/or location
  • You can narrow your search with the "Advanced Search" using different criteria 

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