Any other women over 40?

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Hi, this is my first forum post!  I currently also participate in another HIV forum on aidsmeds, but am thrilled to have found a community of other HIV+ women.

My name is Betty.  I tested poz over 20 years ago.  I went through wasting, got down to 80 lbs (am 5'9"), been on life support 3 times, coma once etc. etc. 

Now I find myself facing issues that some older women face such as osteoporosis.  I just broke my hip a month ago, had a rod, plate, and screw put in.  Went to my one-month post-surgiery appointment today and had an x-ray.  It showed the my bones are so osteoporotic that it is not healing the best.  My doc says this is caused by long-term HIV infection. 

Going through some things older women go through, I mean older than me!  Though I am going to be 49 this year.  But I've seemed to developed some things I shouldn't have at this age.  Is there any other HIV+ aging women on this website? And if yes, do you face aging issues?


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Hi Betty,

I recently tirned 52, been positive for 16-17 years but only diagnosed last May when I had PCP. I have not had any particular aging issues that I know of, maybe early menopause if I compare to my older sister who is just entering. But things are all quite new to me. I had previously (prior to last May) believed my self to be rather invincible health wise but now blood tests and HIV meds would say, not so much. Still trying to sort out what is simply aging and what maybe HIV/AIDS related.

Sorry to hear about your bone issues, one thing I do have is very dense bones. Spent years as a competitive runner which ruined my joints but apparently was good for bone density.


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Just found this site.  Been all over the web since I received my first PC in 1999. I consider myself a long-term survivor, 20+ years with aids diagnosis.  I am also co-infected but recently completed a clinical trial with these new drugs just coming on the forefront. I cleared the hep c virus at week #2 and am in the once a month follow up. Once I reach 48 weeks undetctable I am considered cured.  New drugs, no side effects, high cure rates!

I urge anyone that is co-infected with hep c to look into treatment with these new drugs.  They are ribarvarin and interferon-free.

Betty, so sorry you are going through this.  Geez, I had a fractured femur from a car accident that the hospital misdiagnosed and I ended up falling at home snapping my leg in half.  I had to undergo surgery, a DePuy titanium rod inserted into my femur and four screws in my knee, various plates.  I have never been the same since.  That was in 2009.  I am on Truvada for the longest time.  I hope that I can be taken off the truvada and have it replaced with the new formulation that is going to be available. soon.  The new formulation will not be has hard on bone mineral density and kidneys.  

Which brings a whole new topic on aging on these strong hiv medications.  No one knows what is going to happen to all of us on these strong meds for long periods of years.  We are the guinea pigs!


Being on meds prior to 1996,

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Being on meds prior to 1996, which is when the life saving protease inhibitors came out really did some damage and also put us through things others who went on meds after this time won't have to ever go through, thank goodness.

But you are right, Valerie, even with the new meds, we are the guinea pigs.  The researchers, doctors, etc., don't know the long term effects of all these newer meds.  I know I've gotten plenty from the meds thus far, plus having HIV, diagnosed since 1991, though my first husband died in 1989.

Women need each other, especially those of us who are aging with long term HIV.  Valerie, I am so happy to hear about you clearing hep C!  That's huge. I have a friend in Chicago who just cleared it with the newer meds, and so far he's been okay.   I hope to hear more from others! And you all who have responded!

I can't have Arthritis

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Hi Betty, So sorry to hear about your bone issues.  I am a bit younger at 42 but i too am having bone density issues.

I'm new to this site and have only connected to other women who are positive through facebook.  Our Womens Group didn't have enough funds so they were forced to shut the doors. :( I used to ask my support worker but now that's finished with I'm on here finding support in other women. This is my first reply to a post .

I was diagnosed positive in 1991 as a teen and i would have never believed someone if they had told me that I'd have Arthristis at aged 42. Now it is a reality and every winter, it is a real struggle..

I have been in alot of car accidents as a young girl and a young adult.  So, i used to tell myself that this was the cause for my bones being somewhat brittle.  My other excuse was the fact that i was on Methadone for a few years.  The truth was my Arthritis was due to my hiv and nothing else.  I have discs in my spine that should be like any other 42 yr old's however they are degenerating.  I have to have an operation but the doctors say that i am too young for a back op.  I didn't want to have such surgery anyway so i was glad about that.  

I hate having to take more meds on top of my hiv meds, but if it means that i can play with my son easier and pain free then I suppose I'll girn and bere it.

I feel so lucky that i found this site now i can reach out and connect with other Hiv + women.

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