Global Survey On the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Human Rights of Women Living with HIV

The World Health Organization (WHO) is updating its 2006 Guideline on the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Human Rights of women living with HIV (See:
Salamander Trust is consulting women living with HIV to hear our experiences and priorities. This is a community consultation, developed with a Working Group of women living with HIV from around the world including trans women. We are inviting you to take part in this global survey. There will also be a number of small face-to-face community dialogues and in-depth interviews. Your participation will help.
The survey has a required and an optional part. It is up to you how much you complete; the required section takes about 10 minutes, and the optional questions take about 30 minutes if you choose to do them all. Findings from the consultation will feed into the updated WHO Guideline.
This version of the on-line survey is in English. A Word version will follow for those who have limited access to the internet. Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese and Bahasa Indonesian on-line and Word versions will follow in a few days.
To take part in the English version of the survey, please click on this link:
You can write your replies in any language. The survey will run until Friday 30th May 2014.




Online Survey

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Hi, admin
I just stumbled across your post while I was doing some desktop research on HIV projects and surveys being implemented across the globe. I noticed that you guys have a Global survey running and I am questioning the impact your methosology has on data collection as I am 100% sure that countries like South Africa will have a slight problem being able to participate in an online based survey as some of the rural or semi-rural areas in our Country has a problem when it comes to connectivity as most people in these areas usually cannot afford smartphones or do not have internet access through desktops/laptops and to my knowledge these areas are usually the ones that have high infection rates as people in these areas donot have access to information as connectivity is an issue. My recommendations would be that your organization looks into a more effective methodology approach such as focus groups and face to face personal interviews as this will prove to be more effective. I am currently affiliated with a HIV intervention organization that focuses on HIV testing and homebased care for people living with Aids and they have a team of home based carers and I think organizations such as these can be used to conduct surveys such as these as they deal with people living with AIDS on a daily basis.
I am highly interested in the assessment of attitudes towards HIV as I feel that there is a stigma carried by people living with AIDS in our communities especially in South Africa as people still discriminate against HIV infected people. Much is needed to be done in the fight against AIDS as most people suffer because they don't want to publicly disclose their status due to fear of being discriminated against.
Overall I commend you for your efforts of combating the spread of this Global viral pandemic.

Warmest Regards
Luyanda Mnuna


Re: online survey

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Dear Luyanda,

We really appreciate your input. While this survey is not being conducted by The Well Project (we are just helping spread the word about the survey), we do conduct our own surveys, and will definitely take your suggestions into account when we do.

It would be great if you would send your contact information to with more information about your organization and its potential capacity to assist with future surveys.
Thank you!
Juliana Johnson, The Well Project



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