Held the Gun, Been the Gun Slinger

So the topic today comes to mind after a person reacted completely like a jackass. Uneducated and ignorant. You have to believe that without education of any type your just an ass with a mouth and words; careful with those, you cannot unsay anything. So my question would be: Why do you think you're above me? What exactly gives you the right to try to be mean to my lover?

I am in this fight not just for us living with HIV; I do this for the human race. I am uncomfortable when you storm in a room and say shit like, "Wow you got AIDS?" I would like to respond, "I have a lot more than 'AIDS', I have a solidarity of sisterhood and friendships you will never experience." What exactly does this have to do with you, I get mean when you try to use my illness as a weapon. Let's take it a little farther.

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