Hello All My name is Dawn...

Hello All My name is Dawn 2007 was my year of diagnosis and it has been a life changing experience for me. I cant say all changes have been bad but I wish that when I first was diagnosed I had a better support system or knew of resources that were around to help me through. Today I am ok with my status I use all my knowledge I have earned to empower others, educate and uplift them to let them know there is life after a HIV+ diagnosis. I work in a facility that cares for positive patients I am one the first people they meet once they get there test results, which I am glad to be there to try and help them through. I hope to link with others to continue this fight and keep letting people know we may have HIV but HIV is not who we are!



Hi Dawn,

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Hi Dawn,
Thank for this great sharing and encouragement, I am truly inspired by this as a woman living with HIV but not define by HIV


Welcome Dawn!

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Welcome Dawn! Thank you for joining our community and for the work you are doing!


Hello Dawn!

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Welcome to The Well Project's community and family! We are here to support you in any way we can, and hope you can use our resources for your work and for yourself. If you ever become interested in blogging on A Girl Like Me, please email me at kmartel@thewellproject.org. My very best, Krista



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Hi welcome to the group your story is a real inspiration

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