Hurricane Irma

Irma plus 2. How has my life been impacted by Irma and does HIV become a priority concern? No, after securing my meds to a safe location. Safety, water, food, shelter, that's what's on my mind.

I sit with my guy (HIV negative) at the Factory, local eatery and pub; getting some food and drinks. We are concerned on how many days we will be without power. We are calm and grateful for this; not as bad as it could of been.

My thoughts, when I get tired at 6 or 7pm I cannot reasonably rest or turn in for the night because at 8:30pm I need to take my pill. That really is a struggle. I cannot get pieces of sleep, I will be all rested for another day whether I sleep for 5 minutes or 5 hours. For me I need to be ready to get a full nights rest. Some days are 8 hours, others 8 minutes, then I am up. Ready to work, clean, do what I have to.

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