I am Every day grateful for...

I am Every day grateful for all who have gone before me an Been the strength, voice and hope I need to stay focused and strong in this journey. It has been 10 years since my diagnosis Ive come along way with disclosure and stigma of my diagnosis. But I keep my head up and know that if we together dont continue to uplift, encourage and love on each other this journey will get hard. I thank you ladies for giving me hope that one day we wont possibly have to fight so much or hard to let every one know that being HIV+ is not death and that we are just humans who want respect and to help others live life to there fullest positive or not.


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The 2011 WRI meeting focused on the issues surrounding antiretroviral (ARV) use in women for the prevention and treatment of HIV disease.

Learn about the lifecycle of HIV and understand how different HIV drugs work to stop the virus.

Did you know that taking HIV treatment can prevent its spread? Find out how HIV TasP works and how it can change the course of the HIV pandemic.

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