I Refuse To Allow HIV To Be An Excuse

When I made the decision to get clean and sober, I found out six months later that I was HIV+. I made another decision as soon as I found out that I was not going to allow HIV to become an excuse to use nor an excuse to not live up to my potential. At that time, I had such a negative outlook on myself. I struggled taking risks to better myself and to live up to my full potential out of fear that I was incapable. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown future, fear of rejection, fear of getting sick, fear of things not working out and fear of embarrassing myself controlled me and told me what to do. I listened to those fears. It was all realistic and made sense to me. What I believed about myself was my greatest hindrance. I can remember going years without trying to accomplish things because of my own negative perception.

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So powerful

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Hello its AngelS. ; I truly love your bravery. I have been  stuck for what like seems forever

trying to fake that I embrace me while helping others. I am in a brand new realization that I need to help my twited way in which I see myself. HIV doesnt determine howq I treat peole or How good a person I am. I do that. Me alone. I really needed to hear this story as I am just at the bewginning of my new life.

I will not allow a diagnosis of HIV stop me from being the person I know I can be.


The time is now....I refuse to let HIV be an excuse!!!! Thank you



I believe we all can relate

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I believe we all can relate in some way!! We all need each other to refocus and stay motivated to give everything our best shot!!!


I Refuse To Allow HIV To Be An Excuse

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I am truly encouraged by you bravely and strength.
Fear indeed is one great thing in my life that I am constantly trying to overcome for me to achieve most of my goals and dreams in life. reading your blog has given me some courage thank you for sharing and motivating me.


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