It Was Taken With Violence

This is something I thought I will never be able to talk about but since I became a blogger with The Well Project and a Global Ambassador, getting to read other women and young girl share their experiences, I received boldness and courage to also share my experience.

Twenty six years ago, a young girl child who happens to be my pride and dignity was stolen away from me by an adult man.

It all started when my dad gave me up to live with another family in Festac Town in Lagos state, Nigeria.

I left my family of seven which includes my mum, dad, four brothers and myself being the only girl child in the house.

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I love you

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I love you my dear Bose.  I am saddened to hear your fear and your pain.  You are an amazing strong woman who is able to touch the lives of so many women through your courage and writing.  I honor you!  You touch my soul.


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