This Is Kayley's Story, One Girl: Two People. The Joy and the Strength out of Addiction and into Care – Part 2

Day 2 evening. I spent the day in bed, slept till 7 pm. I did some small tasks during day but not much. Kayley, it's all about the self care. At 10 pm I went to get a burger and fries, listen to the blues band; by 12 am I was back in bed…sleep, sleep, and more sleep.

Day 3 I feel pretty good. Coffee, then to check on my garden. I decided to grow my own veggies as my Aunt has the best gardens, and thought I would give it a shot.

Making my list for today. Room cleaned and garden tended to: I can do one more day; I just know it. Working on the list, conducted business calls. On call. I have a lot of things I need to consider, even a simple act of kindness; I seem to be able to get lost.

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