Webinar on PrEP for US Providers - April 3, 2014

The Los Angeles County PrEP Workgroup and AVAC’s PxROAR program are pleased to invite you to join the webinar The Doc Is In: Prescribing, Managing and Billing for PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) for HIV Prevention. Although anyone is welcome to join, the information in this webinar will be targeted to health providers and will cover topics including:

  • Medical management of clients taking PrEP
  • Patient-provider dialogue
  • Financial coverage

The Doc Is In webinar will take place on Thursday, April 3, 9-10am PT / noon-1pm ET.

Click to register.

The webinar will feature presentations from

  • Dr. Tony Mills, a general medicine practitioner specializing in HIV care in Los Angeles. He is a member of the UCLA Clinical Medicine Faculty and editor of HIV Treatment News.
  • Dr. Nika Seidman and Shannon Weber from the Bay Area Perinatal AIDS Center on the role of PrEP as part of an expanded HIV prevention package offered to HIV-affected couples seeking preconception care and safer conception options.

PrEP using daily oral TDF/FTC (Truvada) reduces the risk of HIV infection and is an FDA-approved HIV prevention strategy. However, while surveys show that many physicians in the US and Canada are supportive of daily oral PrEP, actual provision has been limited in the two years since the US FDA’s approval in 2012 and the US CDC’s published guidance. The Doc Is In aims to address some of the key issues around PrEP prescribing, such as concerns around drug resistance, cost and reimbursement, risk assessment and side effects, among others.
Questions in advance of the webinar are encouraged and can be emailed to avac@avac.org.
AVAC and the Los Angeles County PrEP Workgroup


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