Webinar: Women of PWN-USA Dismantling Racism - Language, Power & Privilege When Talking About Race - March 30, 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017
4:00 PM EDT | 3:00 PM CDT | 2:00 PM MDT | 1:00 PM PDT

We hope you can all join us for our second webinar in our anti-racism webinar series, part of the anti-racism curriculum being developed by the affinity group of white women living with HIV--Women of PWN Dismantling Racism--that formed at the Speak Up Summit last September! The webinar series is open to ALL women living with HIV of all races.


  • Tranisha Arzah, PWN-USA Board Member
  • Olivia Ford, Freelance Editor & Journalist
  • Kari Hartel, PWN-USA Colorado Co-Chair
  • Kathleen Griffith, PWN-USA Board Member

Please join us for a deep look at and conversation about how the language we use and hear, and how we respond to it, shapes our own views and understandings of race--and how we can strive in our own lives and our own language to reshape the narrative and fight racism in ourselves and our communities.

Please register for the webinar here.

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At the 2016 PWN Speak Up Summit in Ft. Walton Beach, white women living with HIV committed to study and challenge racism, within ourselves and in our communities. We promised to do this work even when it makes us uncomfortable. We want and need to stand with our Black and brown sisters living with HIV in the struggle for dignity, justice, and rights for us all.   

The election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence has shaken this country to its core. As women living with HIV, we are gravely concerned about our ability to maintain our health care, housing, childcare, wages, and support services. As white women living with HIV, we are also frightened for the safety of our Black and brown sisters, cisgender and transgender, for our own Black and brown children, and for all members of non-white and non-Christian, non-heterosexual communities. As this wave of white supremacy crashes over our country, we commit to stand together and to fight alongside our Black and brown sisters and communities. 

Starting in January 2017, our newly formed group, Women of PWN Dismantling Racism, initiated an antiracism curriculum by and for white women living with HIV. We will host webinars for all women living with HIV where we can meet, hear, learn, and support each other. As we do this, we will continue, on our own and through PWN, to monitor events in Washington, hold all our elected officials accountable and take action to fight anything that negatively affects marginalized communities or our Black or brown sisters in any way. We will continue fighting for justice for women living with HIV, our families and our communities. 

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