Hi i got result as...

Hi i got result as positive ..feeling like life has ended..plz suggest for the treatment in mumbai..



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I’m sorry to hear that you’ve just tested positive for HIV, and I’m also really glad you’ve reached out to find out more so that you can stay healthy.  In years past, a diagnosis of HIV was considered a death sentence. However, HIV is definitely NOT a death sentence.  Many people living with HIV live long, full lives. Researchers have shown that those people diagnosed with HIV who begin HIV treatment as soon as possible (regardless of their CD4 count or state of health) are the most likely to stay the healthiest the longest and live the longest.  So it will be important for you to connect with a health care provider and find out what the right HIV treatment is for you.  You can use NAM’s e-atlas to find HIV services near you. 
There are many people living long and healthy lives with HIV.  Some of those people are the brave bloggers that are a part of our community called A Girl Like Me.  These are women who have chosen to share their stories - their struggles and triumphs - publicly.  Please take a look at their stories to find examples of women who are not only living but thriving with HIV.  
I also recommend that you take a look at the following fact sheets:
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Tested positive for HIV and Need to mingle with people like me

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Hi Team,

I am 28 years Indian male living in US, I tested positive for HIV on Aug24th.It was a long story with full of stress from the day I was diagnosed since I have am married and my wife was 37 weeks pregnant. After all the stress , finally my wife and my newborn tested negative.

After knowing that I am positive and my wife/kid negative , wife's family wanted us to seperate.She is leaving me soon after getting my kid's passport.

I now realised that interacting with support group really helps to come out of the situation.I really want to get connected and support from the people living with HIV like me as my non HIV family members treats me really bad.

I am really scared that I could kill myself because of the stress.Before something bad happen , want to get into the HIV world of people.

I want to know how good the treatment in chennai and how much it costs.

I want to move back to India and continue my work and stay close with support groups interms of helping people/kids living with HIV


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The 2011 WRI meeting focused on the issues surrounding antiretroviral (ARV) use in women for the prevention and treatment of HIV disease.

Learn about the lifecycle of HIV and understand how different HIV drugs work to stop the virus.

Did you know that taking HIV treatment can prevent its spread? Find out how HIV TasP works and how it can change the course of the HIV pandemic.

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