Need your help please ......

Need your help please ....
Diagnosed HIV positive few days back? I'm shattered. I am a scientist got this accidently by pricked from a freshly contaminated needle(foot) in a park where few drug addicts were taking their doses. I have never into any wrong sexual things neither any drugs. Why God has done this to me. I have a wife and a kid to look after. And my parents ..I'm the only son. I don't know I want to die now. Please help me...
Second I want to know is it possible to live a normal healthy or equivalent to that with HIV positive... And what about married life. If we keep sex at one end can we still live in a home with others specially kids...waiting eagerly pls...aka. I didn't tell anyone. Art is evaluating my results.




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My friend your life is not over  I was diagnosed in '91  and I am still going strong  get to a doctor  take your medicine and you can live a normal life  take care of yourself  eat healthy and get enough rest  the sooner you get on medicine the better  you should be well able to fulfill your duties as eldest son and husband and father  your son needs his father if you diebwho will be there for him?  I know you are in shock right now  I don't believe God did this tonyou  weblive in the world where accidents happen  I believe God is walking with you even now and he will help you through this difficulty don't give up  youbate precious in His sight  sending you hope and love and praying for you always  motixxoo



Thanks for the support

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I didn't tell my family till now. However keeping distance. But will tell than soon ...thanks for your help. May I know your age now if you don't mind.


Don't worry

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Get to a doctor.  That is the first step.  You will be fine.  I know right now you are scared and so many things are running through your mind.  You can still live a normal happy life.  You will still have a fullfilling sex life.  Things are MUCH different than they used to be.  Please, please, please just get to the doctor to know what your next steps are. 


On being "serodiscordant"

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Dear Arpit,

Nowadays, medical science has advanced. It is indeed POSSIBLE to live with HIV and not pass on. All you need to do is to take medicines on time, not missing a single dose. Get yourself checked regularly (every 6 months) for CBC, VL and CD4. Make sure that VL remains in undetectable mode which is very important and your goal. And yes, it is possible to have a normal sexual life (as long as your VL remains undetectable for more than 6 months and also you should not have a history of any STD/STI). 

You are very much a normal healthy human being. You can take care of your wife and kids and go to work everyday. The only difference is that you have an illness, but hey! Don't everybody? Some has BP, some are daibetic, some even goes through other health issues like kidney dialisis, cancer, heart attack etc etc etc. So, treat your illness as a normal one too - just fill it (with meds), then forget it. Life is beautiful!

Love and Light

Jyoti Dhawale-Surve aka MumbaiyyaGal


Thanks Jyoti.

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Thanks a lot for support. May I know what is the average cost of medicine and treatment in India for hiv.
Second age expectancy?
Third and last is do people from scientist doctors engineers(I know u r in IT) etc are also suffering from this. Or I'm the only unlucky person.
I'm adding this as main thread too...pls do answer ...and thanks again for your support u r actually ray of hope


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