Sexual relationship amongst...

Sexual relationship amongst sero-discordant couple

There is a great emphasis to educate people living with HIV in India, in terms of not only knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS but also to understand their medicines, read laboratory result, how to better care of themselves and how to lead a healthy life – mentally, physically, emotionally (and spiritually). I have come across a doctor who suggest that since one partner is HIV Positive, they should abstain from sex. There were even advised to refrain from kissing.

HIV is not transmissible via kissing as we all know. True, that there are traces of virus present in saliva and can be detected under the microscope but then for a person to be HIV positive through kissing means a gallon and gallon of saliva to be passed through in a day. The study has also proved that kissing (in any form) is not the source of transmission unless BOTH the partners have open sores, bleeding gums or wound inside their mouth.

Regarding oral sex, care should be taken when it come to hygiene and cleanliness. Either of them should not have any form of Sexually Transmitted/Infected disease like Chlymadia, Herpes, Gonorrhea and so on. Any unhygienic cause of oral sex is the result of STD and not HIV.

Coming down to having sex the natural way (without a condom), this is still under experimental method. Many are not sure if it is the safest method without having to take PrEP. Here, as a “disclaimer”, I will state an example how it is like being a “mixed status couple” by presenting myself for the study/research :

I and my husband has been together for 3 years and completed 1 year of marriage. We had done all things as mentioned above and I even make sure that he gets checked for HIV every 6 months whenever I myself go for testing (for CD4 and Viral Load). It is to be noted that I as a person living with HIV, am responsible for the welfare of my partner when it come to sex. We normally use barriers but once in a blue moon, we have “direct” sex. When it comes to having sex without protection, all things has to be taken under consideration :
1) overall health
2) Viral Load should be “undetectable”
3) CD4 should have a good count of above or equal to 600
4) No STD or any open wounds/sores/blisters.


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