Tested positive for HIV and...

Tested positive for HIV and Need to mingle with people like me.

Hi Team,

I am 28 years Indian male living in US, I tested positive for HIV on Aug24th.It was a long story with full of stress from the day I was diagnosed since I have am married and my wife was 37 weeks pregnant. After all the stress , finally my wife and my newborn tested negative.

After knowing that I am positive and my wife/kid negative , wife's family wanted us to seperate.She is leaving me soon after getting my kid's passport.

I now realised that interacting with support group really helps to come out of the situation.I really want to get connected and support from the people living with HIV like me as my non HIV family members treats me really bad.

I am really scared that I could kill myself because of the stress.Before something bad happen , want to get into the HIV world of people.

I want to know how good the treatment in chennai and how much it costs.

I want to move back to India and continue my work and stay close with support groups interms of helping people/kids living with HIV



Thank you for writing in.

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First, thank you for writing in. And I do agree that when you interact with support group, it will help you come out with the situation you are going through. Support Group are specially formed so that one understand the other, as we all walk in each other's shoes. 

Treatment cost differs from place to place, and even doctor's fees depend on their area of expertise and location. It would be better if you first connect with ICTC Centres of Chennai (google for the centre nearest to your location) and they will recommend you to the best private doctors available. ICTC Centres are all over India, government managed, and their help are provided free of cost.

I would suggest that you look for a job alongside working with the NGO. Know that NGO works are "voluntary" with no pay hence you need to have some source of income to survive ....hence best is to have a job that could help you be financially stable. 

Any more questions, feel free to write to jyoti.dhawale@gmail.com and I will be there to help you as much as I can.



Hi there

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Finding out that you are positive can be very daunting but don't let it become the fulcrum of all your decisions in life. Perhaps you could continue living/working in the US instead of returning to India solely on the basis of this. Of course it is great that you want to work with people with hiv, but do not think that being positive means you need to spend the rest of your life only with others who have this disease :) life goes on. It's just another condition that has its ups and downs, like any other!



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