Why ID(adhar card)...

Why ID(adhar card) mandatory in art centers?
@mumbaiyagirl hey jyoti happy Diwali. I visited clinic for tests. But I came to know they ask adhar card . I was in delimma to provide that. As that may open up my identy to everyone. And at this time I don't want to open up. Second now if they have it. Do they contact my parents.



Linking Aadhar Card

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Hi Arpit,

Belated Diwali greetings.

Yes, I have been hearing the same regarding the linking of aadhar card. Know that as per Supreme Court guideline, IT IS NOT MANDATORY. According to the government system, Aadhar intergration was expected to solve the issue of duplication of ART centres for HIV. Also under the Targeted Intervention Programme of NACO that works on preventive interventions, Aadhaar linkage also aims at reducing the "lost to follow up cases" who have dropped out of the ART centres and discontinued their HIV treatment. In overall, though th measure is good, I am hesistant where rights to privacy is concerned. If given an option, then I will go to other clinic/diagnostic centre who has not yet applied this tactic of linking the Aadhar card. 

Hence, there are many medical centres typing up with Aadhar, I would suggest that you comply with the same unless you are able to afford your treatment and care elsewhere. Also, if the rules has been flouted, then we have a very strong lawyer network called "Lawyer Collective" who are well versed in HIV law and they will be able to sue and take the matter to court.

All the best,

Mumbaiyyagal aka Jyoti Dhawale


Do you know any good private

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Do you know any good private clinic in Chandigarh or Delhi. I need to start the treatment as early as possible.


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