The Well Project at The 12th Annual Women as the Face of AIDS Summit, Iris House

The Well Project was proud to be a community sponsor of the 12th Annual Women as the Face of AIDS Summit by The Iris House in May 2017 in New York City. This year's theme was "Resilient, Fierce and Wise." We were honored to co-present and moderate two sessions at the Summit in collaboration with our community advisory board members and allies.

Tiommi Luckett, Kiara St. James, and Octavia Lewis

Transwomen Living with HIV: Addressing an Unjust Burden and Working to Ensure Resilience: This session worked to increase knowledge about the multitude of issues trans women face and provide resources to help participants better serve and support trans women. Speakers included Tiommi Jenae Luckett, communications coordinator and Krista Martel, executive director, The Well Project; Octavia Lewis, MPA, Island Nettles Community Center, and Kiara St. James, New York Trans Advocacy Group. Click here to view the PDF slides from the session.

Susan Rodriguez

AIDS Survivor Syndrome: The Challenges of Long-Term Survival: This session provided participants with a broader understanding of the wide-range of issues facing long-term survivors, both Pre-HAART adults diagnosed with HIV and those born with HIV. Speakers included Kimberly Canady, community advisory board member and Krista Martel, executive director, The Well Project, Susan Rodriguez, SMART University and Terri L. Wilder, MSW, director of HIV/AIDS education and training, Mt. Sinai Institute for Advanced Medicine. Click here to view the PDF slides from the session.

Kimberly Canady

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A Place at the Table: WATCH! is an eight-week webinar series that offers women living with HIV* capacity building and training on HIV disease and treatment advocacy.

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