Olivia G. Ford

Consulting Editor

Olivia G. Ford has been engaged with HIV-related media since 2007. She has previously held leadership positions with Positive Women's Network - USA, a national advocacy network of women with HIV; and at TheBody.com, a comprehensive Web-based HIV resource where she remains a contributing editor. Olivia has written and edited articles, developed award-winning content, and moderated discussions with community members and professionals on a wide variety of topics, including HIV stigma in media; criminalization and racism; trauma and gender-based violence; health care access in transgender communities; familial homophobia and HIV risk; as well as many aspects of becoming a parent while living with HIV. She has consulted with organizations and programs such as Echoing Ida, InPartnership Consulting, the Women’s Foundation of California, and The Well Project; her work has appeared in Black AIDS Weekly, Positively Aware Magazine, POZ, and TheBody.com, among other outlets. A native Brooklynite, she currently works as a freelance editor and writer, and is based in New Orleans.

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