Good Morning! Last night I was able to talk openly with a person I thought would hate me for my status; amazing how our self confidence when speaking to others helps mold the whole conversation. I must say I  was bold in my truth and fearless in my story. Being HIV positive is only crippling when I allow it to be. Last night I saw a girl; Yes; Myself as a person who overcomes. I was able to discuss openly living with HIV, what it means to me to help others living with HIV. I also learned I am not changed, only my daily routine is.

I need to thank The Well Project, my support groups, the people who came ahead of me for showing me that with education and acceptance come great ideas for being the best You that You can be.

My name is Angel. MY STORY IS REAL. I am overcoming the hurts and hangups others may throw upon my shoulders for being HIV positive. I know today finding out my status changed my life and I am now ready to Live my Life. I am perfectly imperfect.

Why Angel wants to be part of A Girl Like Me: I am so excited to introduce myself to the community of A Girl Like Me. My name is Angel Stetson. I am 45 years old. I have a daughter (27) and two granddaughters (7 & 9). I am in a serodiscordant relationship for over four years. I was looking for a way to become more comfortable with my status when I happened upon The Well Project and A Girl Like Me. Through the webinars and stories I read, I became available to join in on life. I want to help others avoid the fear and empty feelings of thinking they are alone.

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