Hi, just got connected to this site, though I've known about it for a couple of years now. It's always great to connect with other strong women who are also positive. I met some of the women at the 2012 AIDS conference in DC. I've been wanting to write a blog for "A Girl LIke Me" for some time now, just can't seem to get the words I want to put out there.

I've been positive since 1985 and it has truly been a bittersweet journey of living, dying, loss and gratitude.

I have been working as a peer educator going on 10 years at Planned Parenthood of Nassau County. We do street outreach, testing in our Plan Van and perosnal testimony to anyone who requests us to. Education is so important, because there is no cure or vaccine and until there is it's one of the best prevention methods. My way of giving back for years of a great life I thought I'd never have. I'm in a relationship now with a negative guy and it's working out well, but the true love of my life is my 34 year old son Jason, We have been through so much together and I'm so proud of him.

Nice to meet everyone from a proud pre-HAART AIDS survivor, I'm in the fight, till it's over.

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