Ms. Sonya is better known as Ms. Sonya Live on 94.7FM, hosting Real Talk Real Issues with a Dose of Reality HIV Talk Show Radio! She possesses a desire to push one into their Destiny, and has an unabashed preference for the controversial. She is a blogger for The Well Project, and hosts a tele-conference weekly call for support with people who are living with the disease and people who are affected by HIV/AIDS. Sonya skillfully combines talk, newsworthy events, interviews and motivation for people without missing a beat. She is on a mission as an HIV Activist for the past 20 years and presently an HIV Educator & Tester with Project Response for over 4 years. She just co-launched S&T Health Consulting Group, Inc. (Brevard Aids Service), an AIDS Organization in Titusville, Florida.

Why Sonya wants to be a part of A Girl Like Me's "Voices From Our Allies": I want to be a part of history that helped erase the stigma of HIV/AIDS.

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