The Well Project 2014 Annual Report

Did you know that in the last eight years, social media usage has skyrocketed from 8 percent to 73 percent of all Internet users? Research also shows that people who use Facebook get more social support and are more politically engaged than those who don’t. Why is that important? Because they demonstrate that The Well Project, which has used technology as a platform to disseminate information and build community and advocacy since 2002, is more relevant and necessary than ever. From the beginning, The Well Project has worked tirelessly to leverage technology to change the course of the HIV epidemic, and today we have become the go-to global online resource for women living with HIV.



The Well Project 2014 Annual Report

As part of our commitment to our community, we regularly reassess and recalibrate our programs to respond to the shifting needs of our audience, and 2014 saw the most significant update and upgrade in the history of our organization. We are thrilled to share the details of our successes and accomplishments over the past year in this report. We are especially proud of the launch of redesigned and upgraded web portal, the development of our community advisory board, the execution of the Women’s Research Initiative on HIV/AIDS annual meeting, the establishment of 15 new mission-aligned partnerships, and the piloting of our treatment advocacy development program. Please read on to learn more about these exciting endeavors.

Thank you for all that you have done to make what we do possible. Together, we can change the course of the HIV epidemic…one woman at a time.

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