WRI 2009

Each year, a summary report is generated to document the Annual WRI Meeting in order to best provide direction for WRI's ongoing work to advance the research for HIV+ women. The purpose of the WRI 2009 meeting was to identify and then prioritize research questions in order to determine the area of focus that would most significantly impact our understanding of HIV disease in women.

In order to expand the scope of discussion, the invited presentations were specifically selected to encompass a wide range of topics such as vaginal ecology, inflammation, clinical trials enrollment, microbicides, immunology, and elite controllers of HIV infection. Each of these talks fueled rich discussion and often culminated in unique synthesis and perspective by the group. In addition to the invited presentations and discussion, the WRI held small group breakout sessions to identify gaps and refine the lists of research questions. Attending the meeting were members of the WRI (including representatives from clinical care, HIV research, academia, community-based organizations, government, the pharmaceutical industry and HIV-positive women), guest speakers and invited experts.

For the full 2009 meeting report, click the link below.

2009 WRI Meeting Participants 

Kathy Anastos, MD 
Professor of Medicine 
Montefiore Medical Center 
Laura N. Armas‐Kolostroubis, MD 
Clinical Director Tx / Ok AETC 
Judith D. Auerbach, PhD 
Vice President, Science & Public Policy 
San Francisco AIDS Foundation 
Dawn Averitt Bridge 
The Well Project 
Gina Brown, MD 
Coordinator, Microbicides & Women & Girls 
Elizabeth Connick, MD 
Associate Professor of Medicine 
University of Colorado Denver 
Terri Creagh, PhD 
Director of Research 
Clinical and Epidemiologic Research 
Judith Currier, MD, MSc 
Professor of Medicine, 
Associate Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases 
Judith Feinberg, MD 
Professor of Medicine 
University of Cincinnati 
Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH 
Assistant Professor 
University of California, San Francisco 
Debbie P. Hagins, MD 
Clinical Director 
Chatham County Health Dept. 
Yasmin Halima 
Vice President 
AIDS Treatment Activist Coalition 
Sharon Lee, MD 
Family Health Care 
Patty Martin, PharmD 
Associate Director, Medical Affairs 
Gilead Sciences, Inc. 
Joseph Mrus, MD, MSc 
Medical Director 
Tibotec Therapeutics 
Tonia Poteat, MM Sc, MPH 
Physician Assistant 
Chase Brexton Health Services 
Monica Ruiz, PhD, MPH 
Director, HIV Prevention Research Program 
Forum for Collaborative HIV Research 
Ellie Schoenbaum, MD 
Albert Einstein College of Medicine 
Linda Scruggs 
Director of Program 
AIDS Alliance for Children, Youth & Families
Daniel Seekins, MD 
Group Director, HIV Medical Strategy 
Bristol‐Myers Squibb 
Stephen P. Storfer, MD 
Senior Associate Director of Virology 
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 
Kimberly Struble, PharmD 
Medical Team Leader 
Food and Drug Administration 
Carmen D. Zorrilla, MD 
Professor Ob‐Gyn 
University of Puerto Rico

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