Chuck Wira, PhD

Chuck Wira is an internationally recognized scientist with specific expertise in endocrinology and mucosal immunology as it relates to the immune system at mucosal surfaces of the female reproductive tract. Dr. Wira's research focuses on how female sex hormones influence innate and adaptive immunity in the female reproductive tract of animal models and humans. He has been principal investigator of NIH-funded research grant for the past 35 years, having published approximately 240 research papers in this area. Dr. Wira was actively involved in a Dartmouth Medical School Fogarty Grant that worked with colleagues at Dartmouth and the University of Muhimbili, Tanzania to bring scientists to Dartmouth for training in HIV-related mucosal immunology. Dr. Wira's laboratory includes graduate students and research associates from the United States, China, India, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Australia.

Dr. Wira is an active member of the Society for Mucosal Immunology, American Society for Reproductive Immunology (ASRI), American Society for Microbiology, and the International Society for Immunology of Reproduction (ISIR). Dr. Wira is the past president of ASRI (2008-2010) and is currently the president of ISIR (2015-2017). He has received numerous awards including an NIH Merit Award and the ASRI Distinguished Investigator Award in Reproductive Immunology. Dr. Wira is an Advisor to NIH, including NIH Women, Girls, and HIV/AIDS Group, NIH Planning Group for HIV-related research; Women and Girls Planning Group; and the OAR Microbicides Planning Group. He has worked with NIH to organize international meetings sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases on prevention of HIV transmission and mucosal immunity in the male and female reproductive tract in Hanover, NH.  Recent studies focus on the impact of sex hormones and chemical contraceptives on the availability of microbicides that block HIV transmission in the human female reproductive tract.  These studies will provide a foundation of information that should accelerate the development of multipurpose prevention technologies designed to provide women with safe and effective contraception and a safe and effective means of protecting themselves from HIV and other STI that enhance the risk of HIV infection.

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