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I am so upset about the fact that my friend tested positive 2 months ago, and to date has not seen a doctor! Not to mention the health department leaving a note on their door stating it was urgent to please call a number…. It seems to me that all of this energy and encouragement to get people tested, we are somehow dropping the ball on the next step. How could this happen? Tell me why this is happening here in Florida and no one seems to be alarmed.

Once you get tested and find out you are positive, that in itself does something to a person! I know you couldn’t imagine the turmoil their heart and minds go through unless it’s happening to you. Now, the wait of a doctor…30 days and counting, medication, and the little voice in your head asking, “Am I going to live or die?” How much more can a person take? You have a case manager who is the middle man for you and the HIV world, but things are moving in slow motion…literally.

Emotions, heartache, body chills, and your world appear to be spinning out of control. Yes, you got tested, and yes…you now have your diagnosis and now the wait to see a doctor and receive your medication is ridiculous. Can someone please explain to me why it’s taking so long for someone to see a doctor about their HIV in Florida?




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Not just Florida. There seems to be a huge disparity between pushing testing and actually treating those that test positive. Here in North Carolina, the State Health Department sends someone to your home when you test positive. Not to help you but to question you and your friends and family about your sexual practices. It was a infuriating experience. Haven't heard from anyone since they found out I wasn't sleeping around unprotected.


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Shock/denial can cause a person to not see a doctor because then it becomes all to REAL. Health need to keep up the game test/treat, has this person got a positive result from a home testing kit or from a blood draw? Hopefully they will go when they feel it's time to take action to get advise and treatment.


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