Spotlight on Abosede Olotu: Women Making a Difference


Bose, a Nigerian mother of two beautiful HIV-negative children, is also an HIV advocate and activist who started working with The Well Project in 2011 as a member of our Global Women’s Task Force. Her efforts provide services for orphans, vulnerable children, women and families, and more broadly for society at large, including her fellow treatment activists. She describes The Well Project as helping her bridge information gaps within her community, as we provide her with the knowledge base to help people become more sensitive and aware of the human impact of HIV.

Bose sees the world more and more as a global village, which, in her opinion, allows people from different regions, countries, and races to connect and share ideas, information, and strategies on how to improve the lives of women living with HIV/AIDS. Importantly though, she asserts that "the need for globally relevant materials and information about HIV cannot be overemphasized." She says that The Well Project fills that need for her, keeping her up to date on emerging information about HIV/AIDS and its complications. She then shares this knowledge with members of her community, thereby extending the reach of The Well Project, "broadening my perspective and causing a paradigm shift in my work with women and the challenges they face as a result of HIV/AIDS."

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The Well Project interviews Phiwe for the newest in our "Spotlight: Women Making a Difference" series.

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