Darlene Harden-Fuller

Art Director

Darlene Harden-Fuller has designed print and web materials to promote The Well Project since 2013. Darlene founded Sweet Potato Design, a graphic design studio, in 2001 and has more than 25 years design experience in the healthcare/pharmaceutical field, with a focus on HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. Her clients include medical education and non-profit firms that promote the awareness and treatment of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, cardiology, ABSSI, muscular dystrophy, women’s health, gastroenterology, and the education rights of homeless children.

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Race matters when it comes to HIV – and not just for women of color. Learn not only about the differences in HIV rates by race, but also understand the root of why these differences exist.

Get tips on talking to the media as well as the best ways to use social media in advocacy around HIV/AIDS.

Surviving HIV Over the Long Term: The Past, Present, and the Future (Part 2 of 2) is the 5th webinar in the 2016 WATCH! series.