218 Guerrilla T Cells Is What I Have and I Am Stronger Than Ever! (This was the old title) / What 1 Day Can Do!

Undetectable! All organs and blood panel are perfect! So yeah! It was temporary insanity and stress that I brought on myself and external situations that are eating them! The medicine works but it is up to me to control my stress and rage for so many problems we have in the USA government, in the world, and real life everyday problems!

I'm in a plane headed toward my beautiful land and country: MEDELLÍN, COLOMBIA! I plan to nurture myself, rest, and spend time with my parents! I am so happy to see a plane full of Americans and Europeans headed to my beautiful land that was ravaged by 40 plus years of war! Medellín is considered one of the most developed cities in all South and Central America.  I invite all of you to come and visit! We love immigrants and we cater to everyone and treat people like kings and queens! No matter who you are. 

Back to my 218 T cells ...

Never mind!! I started writing this blog in the airplane to Medellín, Colombia on June 2nd. Today, June 3rd, I got an email from my dear doctor, Dr. Patrick Kenney in Midland Medical Center in Wilton Manors telling me that my T cells were now 466 and my percentage is 33% I have never had such a high and normal percentage and this is my second best cd4 cell count! I feel shocked and blessed! It's ironic... when I let go and I finally said f$ck it! I feel strong as hell and if that is what it's going to be I have made peace with it!

Never give up no matter what! Continue to push through no matter what happens in our lives. I wanted to share with all of you my joy and tell you all how grateful I feel! Working out has helped me in so many ways that I urge everyone to do it. 

Love and light to all and now I am really going to enjoy this trip here in Colombia and visit some beautiful places with my mother and also celebrate my father’s 88th birthday! Until the next time…

Love and light

María Mejia



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