Be Yourself

The BEST person you can be is "yourself". You should never have to feel as if you have to compete against anyone. If you don't have all the answers just "Be You," and be true to yourself. It is fine not to know everything! I once felt as if I needed to have everything together, every second, hour and minute just to please someone, but I learned in my journey called LIFE that it was ok just to be "myself" and if I didn't know, I honestly just didn't know.

We all have different walks of life. Some advance faster than others but if we all learn to just stay in our own lanes then things can get accomplished a lot smoother. This shouldn't be about a race or who is better then who. We should be able to learn from one another and draw strength from each other. Living with HIV, every day something new comes out and it's truly a learning process. Knowledge is POWER and yes we should each strive to educate ourselves on the most updated information and resources that are available so that we can be up to date, but never feel overwhelmed that you may not be like your Sister or Brother.

Some people are only "making noise" but not making any type of movement, so be careful who you are following and even gaining your next information from. Empower yourself!! Be yourself, never feel obligated to be something that your not. Stress is REAL so don't feel like you should take on a role that you absolutely just can't handle. Self care is a MUST. Nobody is going to look out for you but YOU!!! Even if you're not invited to the most popular event, take time to see what you can do in your home town and community . You will be surprised what can be done just by You taking action!!

We are all unique in our very little own way. Coming together in the movement is POWERFUL, different ideas are amazing and there is so much strength in NUMBERS. Don't be afraid to embrace your inner self and who you are as an individual. No matter of race, gender, sexual provenance, age, be the awesome YOU that YOU are and help make a difference!!

We must stand together in this fight. Breathe, relax and just be yourself. Bring your ideas, opinions to the table. What you may think sounds silly, someone else may think is a wonderful tool to use in the movement!!! So much still needs to be done!!

One of our biggest hits right now is HIV Criminalization. No, you may not have personally experienced it, however hearing your thoughts on the subject and bringing your ideas on how laws should and can be changed would be awesome to hear. I say that to say, if we all just be ourselves, step out on FAITH, you're going to get the naysayers, the no's, the whatevers, the hang ups but don't ever give up!! You may see other advocates shine bright like a diamond but that don't mean you're nobody because every one of us is SOMEBODY. We all have a story to tell in our different ways. Be the unique and Awesome person that you are. Even if you're quiet, not open about anything, in your own little corner know that your still making a difference because you're yet holding on!!! Be Yourself. That's the BEST you can be!!

Monique Howell-Moree




Thank you for the motivation,

Mel Rattue's picture

Thank you for the motivation, great blog ! 



Thank you for the motivation,

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Thank you for the motivation, great blog ! 



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