Death at My Door

Hopelessness is my beginning,  I hope to succeed, I hope to...

Daily we experience death on so many levels. Death of a loved one is probably first on your mind. How about death of a career, TV series or a household item (your blow dryer or iron); death of a habit or addiction, death of a disease.

Here lately, for me I recognize death behind all fears.

Fear is a feeling when moved in by your choice, yeah it may win; however staying in the moment is a choice of deciding whom wins. Forget Hope, trust You. Stop grabbing for your babysitter (i.e., mentioned above fearing to lose.) No longer your go-to when panic or anxiety invade your hula hoop of space.

Enjoy the present moment. Be in that second and choose to be hopeless.

Accept death is imminent in everyday life.

Be brave. Love yourself. We must die to this world to truly live with peace within.

Calm, direct, bare bones answers, that's what I call simple. If it needs a band aid don't call 911, handle your shit.

Embrace impermanence and change; start the understanding of hopelessness. Be mindful of your experience, not of hope to remove it. Relax in your moment, good or bad, then bare bones to what's next.



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