Dignity, I gave away my dignity that's how I got here. I allowed myself to be treated less than I deserve and because of that I am here. Because of that I am alone. Because I realize I gave away my dignity I can no longer compromise. I now must protect myself like a lioness! I must look at every man with crossed eyes. What do you want from me? What do you want to take from me? Are you a power thief?

You see my entire life the men I attract say they love my strength and independence. But then slowly systematically they stole my power and made me feel weak, made me doubt my decisions, my resolve, and my direction. Because I trusted them I did things I'm not proud of, I gave away my dignity. I doubted my power. I doubted my direction.

I now know I have dignity, strength and resolve! I do not need to do things just to keep someone with me. I do not need to do things I am ashamed of because I am afraid he will not love or want me. I know what I want in my life. I may run into walls or dead ends but they are my decisions. I will find a way through and through it all I will have my dignity.

I will keep my dignity and I deserve nothing less! I will be treated with kindness and grace or I will walk away. For I do not need someone in my life; I want someone in my life. I invite you in, you do not get to walk into my house without an invitation.

For I am no one but I am determined to be me!



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