Health Care??? What Happened?

This year I was looking forward to changes with the new president.

I realize it is a choice to get on an antiviral therapy and continue to strive to reach an undetectable viral load. Today I went to fill my prescription - $3209.00 deductible. That is quite a bump up from the usual co-pay.

What a surprise after 10 years of meds and adherence to stay healthy. All the while educating not only myself but my community on the importance in knowing your status. I cannot help to notice the error in Health reform. This will set us back in the fight against HIV.

However, it’s closer than that for me. To me. I don't have Insurance right now. I was told I was accepted to receive Medicaid insurance instead of the affordable care plan I was currently paying for. I am really worried about what will happen after being off my meds for a while. Without insurance I now lose access to knowing my labs, mental health services, therapy and doctors that I rely on to function without too many interruptions physically or mentally. With proper self-care a person is expected to live a full life.

I live in a world same as yours. I don’t really know I have HIV unless Stigma shows up or meds are discontinued.

This is so strange to know without these meds I can become compromised in the fact I can lose my undetectable status thus being able to transmit the virus. The chances of passing HIV to my sex partner is Zero. Undetectable viral load. I practice safer sex, this still is a game changer. I am living healthy with minimal side effects at this time.

I struggle with other mental health issues daily.

I don’t mind the change that has to be done to provide a better health care system for those of us living with chronic illnesses.

Today and each of the last 27 days I almost have the overwhelming sensation I could potentially become ill.

When I learned of my status and began immediately on the medication, within my first month I was undetectable and have stayed that way since.

I am not sure what is next for myself and the thousand others affected by the health care reform; I do know? I have adjusted my diet to help where it can. I am exercising and reminding myself I can be proactive while figuring this out.

It all sucks. It is a another learning experience I will be able to take to others in the event I figure out the way to get meds. My way of finding a silver lining in every situation I am confronted with.

I stay positive now. I was so scared of what could be. I am letting the fear be a moment of passing feelings and sticking to the facts.

I and WE will not accept this. I understand choice to decide to be on the medication. What am I supposed to do if I become resistant to the drugs by changing or losing insurance every month? Ugh just saying this struggle is so real. Stay Beautiful and poke the bear when necessary.

I am one voice that matters.



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