Held the Gun, Been the Gun Slinger

So the topic today comes to mind after a person reacted completely like a jackass. Uneducated and ignorant. You have to believe that without education of any type your just an ass with a mouth and words; careful with those, you cannot unsay anything. So my question would be: Why do you think you're above me? What exactly gives you the right to try to be mean to my lover?

I am in this fight not just for us living with HIV; I do this for the human race. I am uncomfortable when you storm in a room and say shit like, "Wow you got AIDS?" I would like to respond, "I have a lot more than 'AIDS', I have a solidarity of sisterhood and friendships you will never experience." What exactly does this have to do with you, I get mean when you try to use my illness as a weapon. Let's take it a little farther.

Fuck, your mother is a heroin addict and your father smokes crack, so next time I see them I will be sure to humiliate them; offering a sex job to either for crumbs (whoever wants to perform; I need to get paid). THEY ARE JUST ADDICTS...DISPOSABLE...CORRECT??? Just as you jump to the stereotypical point of view I would love to say I would do the same. However, to remind you may be just as effective. Here it goes.

If you can be so inconsiderate and nasty to me, remember I am someone's sister, mother, grandmother, friend. I have no problem reminding you how very happy I would be to hear someone talk to your mother, sister, wife, daughter just the same way while you stand there and can do nothing. I hope it hurts you so much you learn to respect women and people in general. How do you react to your child or parent coming to you to say I am living with HIV? WOULD YOU ACT AS YOU ARE TO ME? Let me guess now it's special circumstances.

This is not for you to decide as far as my life goes. I am in charge of me. I got the deed to this capital and prime property at birth. Don't hate on me for being brazen with enlarged testicles enough to stand up to people like you so your child knows the risk. Yes, this can be anyone. HIV does not discriminate.

You put your pants on one leg at a time same as me. You may have less or more schooling. WTF ever. Less social skills, obviously. I still yet manage to make you feel as if you need to be talking about me. I'm not in the paper every other month for having stole shit or being in possession of drugs. Just saying, don't you think you should be worrying about your own situation? I got me and evidently I need to get you and your kids. It’s all in a day’s work. I wish you well in your journey.  How powerful I am!!!!



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