I Finally Got the Answer to My Immune Problem after All These Years

You know, for years and years I have asked doctors the same question??? Why, if I have been undetectable for 17 years and do everything humanly possible to raise my T-cells by being SUPER adherent and juicing, not doing drugs and just living a healthy lifestyle… they just don't respond!!! They never gave me an answer and I was always chasing the cd4 cells that I want so badly as I see some not take their meds, not being adherent and even doing drugs!! Some have 1000 T-cells?! Now I have my answer thanks to my brother Nelson Vergel.

This is why: "Terms used to describe this subset of individuals include 'immuno-virological discordants(ID)' and 'immunological non-responders' (INRs).

As yet, there is no universally accepted definition of INRs (e.g. persistently below 200, 250 or 350 cells despite HIV suppression)." (Vergel)

My immune system does not respond! And in the article it shows that we are at higher risk of morbidity. I feel a little betrayed by some of my doctors if they knew... maybe they don't want to burden me more? Idk... at least I have my answer! What I do know is the little cd4s I do have are warriors like me.

Nelson continues to put pressure on the FDA to give us immune non-responders medications to help us raise our immune system and I will join him in this fight.

Love and light #MariaMejia

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