On My Way

I was on my way home to see my family in Lagos, Nigeria from the FCT Abuja. It was a fifteen to nineteen-hour drive from Abuja to Lagos and the vehicle which I boarded had to stop to top up fuel at a filling station between the border of FCT Abuja and Kogi State Nigeria. The driver requested that we should make use of the rest room while he filled his tank.

As he opened the bus door, some young children selling snacks approached us to buy some snacks and soda drink. So I bought some from a young girl and I left for the rest room because our next stop would be in another four hours time. I noticed that she was just smiling at me and I also smiled back.

Funny as it may sound, when I came back to my seat the man sitting next to me asked me this question: "Madam, have you been going to school to educate young students as an ambassador of The Well Project?" I was surprised because of his question, then he said something that really amazed me. He said that girl you bought something from was just telling her other friends with so much excitement that she knows you. That you were in her school to educate them on HIV/AIDS and many other things that are beneficial to them concerning their lives, this was how she put it in her words. He wanted to know more about The Well Project and my work as an ambassador.

I had to educate him and the other passengers in the bus about us and the work we do, how we go to schools in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria to create more awareness in a bid to bridging the gap of communication on HIV/AIDS among adolescent youth in the states respective.



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