Some of my beauty secrets/Algunos de mis trucos de belleza (bilingual video blog)

FOR ANY TYPE OF HAIR! The best oils to make your hair grow long and strong are combinations of oils like Mustard oil, black castor oil, almond oil, pepermint oil, coconut oil , argan oil and many more. Check out my video blog to see what I do to keep my hair healthy.

PARA CUALQUIER TIPE DE CABELLO. La mejor manera de hacer crecer el cabello fuerte y que este humectado con aceites como el aceite de mostaza puro del la india, aceite de almendras puro, aceite de castor, aceite de menta, aceite de argan y muchos mas que muestro.





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Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences, hope and information with others. I always enjoy watching your videos as well as reading the posts of women from all parts of the world. God bless.


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Hello Doreen

Thankyou for watching or reading our blogs :)

everything comes from the heart <3 I will always share little things and big things that I believe are good for all of us women all over the world.

Love and light



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