Using HIV Tests as Prevention?

Sonya posted a new blog, "Using HIV Tests as Prevention?" on A Girl Like Me's Voices from our Allies:

Why am I getting myself all worked up, because you don’t want to listen or take advice?  Sometimes it really feels like I am talking until I turn blue in my face, and we all know that is something that cannot happen literally.  However, I am finding that many are simply taking the HIV test as an afterthought, almost like almost like some people use pregnancy tests as a method of contraception.  Praying at the time that the test doesn’t come back positive and then going right back out there since their test came back non-reactive and sleeping with people without using protection all over again!

Did we forget the purpose of the testing?  Or why we have it? Or are we continuing to make up our rules as we go along?  Let’s just take a minute and think about our future, our health, and our lives.  Do you have time for that?  Because you said last night you didn’t have time to stop and take a minute to ensure you were using protection.  So, if I told you that every 9 ½ minutes someone in the world was infected with HIV and that 1 out of 5 don’t know their status…would that touch or affect your life in any kind of way?

Well, I just want to say keep thinking that you can use HIV testing as a means of contraceptives, and let me just bust your little bubble….there is a “window period” which is the time that it takes the body to produce antibodies after HIV infection has begun. For the vast majority of those who will test positive, antibodies to HIV will develop within 4-6 weeks after exposure. Some will take a little longer to develop antibodies. To make certain that you receive a reliable test result, it’s necessary to wait at least three months (13 weeks) after your last possible exposure to the virus before being tested.

So, if you still don’t want to listen, and don’t decide to stop using HIV testing as a prevention tool then there is really nothing no one could say and do.

The reality is this:

It’s your life!

It’s your Choice.

Sonya Mallard





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