Wasted Time

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I am trying something new. I am taking time for me. I have a family that needs me and a job that is very demanding. I am finding myself resenting all of them. I love my family, but I really needed a break.

I got on a plane a few days ago (thanks to my frequent flyer points) and am visiting a friend of mine from school. I have neglected our relationship because it wasn’t a priority in my life. I love my friend and have always kept in touch, but life happens. Before you know it, you are 40 something and are missing your friend.  I am sad to say, I probably could have swung vacations to see her and her family but never did. I tried to spend vacations with my in-laws. I tried to be the “Good” daughter-in-law. So I spent every and all vacations packing 3 children up (car seats, portable cribs, formula and food) and 3 dogs, made our way to the family’s ranch. I rarely had fun. How could I, I was too busy running around after kids and dogs. I spent time on trying to build a relationship with a person that is incapable to reciprocating the love and respect in return.

I am writing this today to try to keep you all from making the same mistake I have. Make the best of the relationships in your life that are worth the effort. I am thankful, for my friend...she knows that I love her and I am glad through it all we have always remained friends. I just wish I would have realized that the wasted time spent wasn’t in my best interest. I cannot get those years back. I do know now I will never waste a single minute on anyone that doesn’t deserve it.

I am happy to say that my mini vacation is just what I needed. She is a blessing to all those she knows. She has welcomed me into her home (second time in less than a year) and I am having a really nice time. It upsets me to know how I wasted the years without her as a constant in my life. It will never happen again.

Life is too short to waste one breath on an undeserving person.




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