A Need To Unite

I've been doing a lot of thinking... Tell me something… Why are HIV-negative people, with the exception of myself and a few others, so afraid of HIV/AIDS? More so, why are people so afraid to even talk about it? Afraid to even mention the three letter word?? SMH!

What can we do to change/correct this? It is so sad to me that we cannot come together and unite regardless of status, race, religion, whatever, and form a stronger alliance to beat this thing! In my mind, at the rate that we are going, we will never be able to defeat this thing! Why? Because we are strong but HIV/AIDS is stronger. The different strands of this virus unite and band together as a unit (a whole) to strive to defeat us, while we, on the other hand, separate and segregate ourselves instead of joining each other as one to become a unit. An army of soldiers so to speak like the virus to battle that bitch and win! We must do better!

Let's put a little spin on this for a moment. As screwed up as it sounds, that asshole Trump is probably going to slime his way into office! What do we think is gonna happen then as far as the government continuing to fight for a cure? Absolutely NOTHING if he has his way! Think about it! He already wants to separate us as humans! Deport Mexicans, Blacks back to Africa, Muslims back to wherever, and I'm sure he has the mindset that everyone who is HIV+, whether rich or poor, deserves to have it and should all be shipped to an island away from everyone else! WTF? Do you all see where I'm going with this?

We have to band together as a unit, a whole, a FAMILY! It is left up to us to defeat this human condition! I'm gonna end this here. Please think hard and long about what I have written here tonight. As always, I love you all unconditionally!



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