View Webinar: Surviving HIV Over the Long Term: The Past, Present, and the Future (Part 1)


View Webinar: Surviving HIV Over the Long Term: The Past, Present, and the Future (Part 1 of 2) - October 26, 2016; 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm EDT

Surviving HIV Over the Long Term: The Past, Present, and the Future (Part 1 of 2) is the 4th webinar in the 2016 WATCH! series. Part of a 2-part series, this webinar defines long-term survivors, describe the physical concerns of long-term survivors (including treatment challenges, treatment fatigue, drug resistance, inflammation, accelerated aging, menopause and sexual health), and discuss comorbidities. Our esteemed speakers, including two long-term survivors, explore the topics presented through several lenses:

  • Kimberly Y. Smith, MD, MPH, Vice President for Global Medical Strategy and Head of Research and Development, ViiV Healthcare
  • Maria Mejia, Global Ambassador, Community Advisory Board, A Girl Like Me Blogger, The Well Project
  • Tranisha Arzah, BABES Network; A Girl Like Me Blogger, The Well Project

This webinar was moderated by:

Certification: For the 2016 WATCH! series, The Well Project will provide a series of 5 webinars throughout the year. The Well Project will issue certificates of completion for those who participate in (live or view recording), and complete a pre- and post-assessment for all webinars. Each webinar will be available for approximately one month after it took place. If you are accessing the recording of the webinar and are interested in certificate of completion, it is necessary to view the entire recording, as well as complete the pre-and post-assessments for each webinar. A final program evaluation will also be required for the certificate of completion.

Webinar Slides

  • Click here to download the PDF slides presented during the webinar

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