Members of the Women's Research Initiative on HIV/AIDS (WRI) are asked to serve a three-year term and are chosen based on their expertise and knowledge. Our members include HIV/AIDS thought leaders representing clinical care, research, academia, advocacy, government, industry, and women living with HIV. All WRI members donate their time and expertise to this initiative without compensation (both WRI members and invited speakers attend without honorarium or other compensation). Members are asked to make every effort to attend the annual meetings and participate in at least one project during the term, such as editorial or white paper development, ad hoc meetings with research groups, or other activities as identified by the WRI.

Rowena Johnston is vice president and director of research at amfAR, responsible for overseeing the Foundation's pioneering research program.

Tonia Poteat has been involved in the fight against AIDS since 1989 when she began volunteering at an AIDS service organization while in college. She is a certified HIV Specialist by the American Academy of HIV Medicine.


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