2016 - It's a Wrap

Today marks 33 years since the discovery of the HIV virus... and this same virus has been reigning for decades. As we commemorate this day by remembering fallen heroes we ought to acknowledge the scientific measures in place that ensure we have long lives ahead of us.

2016 was a bit of a great year for me because I welcomed my first child whom is my ray of sunlight and my biggest achievement in this life and the jelly on top is that he tested HIV- whilst I enjoyed breastfeeding him for four months. This was made possible by the treatment scientists are continually working on of course. From a person who was depressed five years post my diagnosis life sure turned out well, I did not expect such a turnout. I probably thought I would have long died by now but I'm still alive and keeping on. HIV might not have been in my life plan but there's really no point in beating myself over something I cannot change anyways. Living with HIV and being a great mom is my life now and I choose to embrace it on a daily basis.

Motherhood has been a bliss and it has made me embrace the person I have become after my diagnosis. life did not stop for me, it took a different turn yeah but I'm still going forward!

I still miss being a regular advocate and I'm hoping to do better next year... I am sincerely wishing everyone a prosperous 2017! keep on keeping on beautiful women!



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