New Year, New Goals

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As 2015 draws to a close, I can't help but reflect on this year and dream about the upcoming year, 2016. One of my biggest accomplishments in 2015 was a new job.

My previous job was well aware of my HIV status and those employees who I trusted and felt needed to know, knew. Transitioning into a new office, with new employees has been a challenge. I've been very open about my volunteer work in HIV and tell nearly everyone. However, I stop short of actually admitting I'm HIV positive.

While adjusting to my new job and the many new challenges (learning new skills, court and legal requirements, etc), I've put my love for HIV on the side. I focused on what was paying my bills, rather than what made me happy.

But the truth is...I love my work within the HIV community and it makes me happy. So, I promise to put forth more effort in 2016. I'm making more time for my passion in 2016. If there are questions you have – I'd like to know. I'm eager to address them, blog about them and help you through this process! I've been there and experienced similar pains, emotions and fears. I promise to support and encourage you (and myself) this year! Happy New Year!!!




It is so exciting to hear

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It is so exciting to hear that working in the HIV field has become your passion! I hope people can go back and read through some of your earlier blogs, and see what a transition you've made over the past 6+ years! You've made some serious life changes--and I would venture to say that they are all for the better! Congratulations, Kate, it really really makes me happy. heart


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