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What’s new, you asked?  I know it’s been a minute, but I need you to understand that I’ve been on the grind for HIV/AIDS Awareness hardcore still the same.  Simply because so much is going on, but yet so much is still remaining the same.  A different name, another relationship, and yet the same old same old “stuff” that so many of us have to deal with.  HIV/AIDS is spreading like fungus in our communities.

So, a new person came into a small town with their good looks, swag ways, and charming words and enticed & sexed so many lovers (men & women) without a condom, squirting HIV with every drip of “come” they could muster out.   Little did they know or little did they care that just possibly they were being infected, except their only concern was captivating a new lover in their bed that they could call their own!

What am I doing wrong?  Why the message of protecting yourself is not being heard?  How come so many people are still doing what they do sexually, and feel like it just can’t happen to them?  I just want to scream from 61 Hamilton Place apartment building roof top at the top of my lungs, “Are you listening to the words that are coming out of my mouth”? So, I sit and question my advocacy, my commitment, my hustle of being the community town crier!

HIV/AIDS are still here, and spreading like the speed of the #2 train during rush hour from 135th street.  So, the next time you meet a good looking, swag out individual attracting you with enticing words to melt your heart…..remember one thing:

HIV/AIDS looks just like YOU!




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I agree 100 percent. In 1976!there was a boat party for the bicentennial. Being in 6th grade , I knew nothing of what was to come. This party was on a boat. They say scientists pinpointed that orgy party weekend was a day of exposure and infection. 1976. 1978 or 79 first reports are coming out. People dying of a mysterious illness that weakens immune system. 1981. I tell a close friend I'm bi and thinking of experimenting. LA times reports 5 gay men dying from mysterious illness called "GRID". As I read that I jumped back into the closet for 10 more years. By late 81 early 82 AIDS was spreading like wildfire. My highschool sweetheart and I split up over my drug use. By the mid 80s AIDS is death sentence.1996 i hear of a cocktail. I haven't caught the virus but been keeping an eye on it. Last year I got so promiscuous that I was sure I got it. . I started out using protection. Then certain situations I stopped. I forgot about 81. Or didn't care. January of this year I develop ulcers and thrush in my throat. Antibiotics are not getting rid of it or the fevers. I HAD A REASON to be concerned. Risky sex , dangerous sex , multiple partners. My point for you younger folk! I've been there for the whole epidemic. I studied the Castro in Frisco and the bath houses. So don't think that a cocktail redgimin is your golden raft. Listen to Maria. Yes I don't have it and came out negative. I had to test for a year to be in the clear. And now hearing about bug chasers and gift givers , listen to Maria. She's NOT wasting airtime here. And now I have heard of a new immune illness that's not HIV that kills quickly. I admire Maria. I think she's the most courageous women I have ever e mailed with. Wear protection. Sheesh what's wrong with this younger generation? I am so lucky because it was Maria's you tube blog that saved my life and that's why I'm negative today. Maria saved my life. I will be forever greateful to you girl. Bob Hunley.


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But as we all know the first reported case was found to be in the Congo in 1959.


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