Forgiveness-DAY 2

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Hopefully yesterday you took some time to do something for yourself. After you forgive yourself, you have to give yourself time to heal and feel better about you being YOU. You are the best You that you can be, the best that ever did it, and the BEST THAT WILL EVER DO IT! Last night, I went home and forgave myself. I forgave myself for everything that I have done, everything that I have played a part in and everything that I have allowed to have happen to me. Once I did that, I breathed. A lot of times. We spend so much time beating ourselves up thinking that someone is mad at us for something that we did, and a lot of times we are so consumed by it, that we make ourselves sick. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the person has completely forgotten about it and moved on, but we are so busy avoiding them and being nutzo that we only make US worse.

After I forgave myself, I started to do some laundry and then I said, if I am going to truly heal, I have to practice what I preach. So I put a load in the washer, put dinner in the oven, and plopped down on the bed with a good movie. I deiceded to watch Benjamin Buttons. I have never seen it before , and it was a really good movie. Watching it allowed me to do something for myself, and momentarily forget that things were not always right. After I watched the movie, I felt really refreshed and in a mood to actually do some cleaning. But for now we are just doing Forgiveness.

When I woke this morning, I actually felt good. It was the first time in a while, diagnosis or not, that I felt this way. At work, none of the weird stuff that would have made me mad, got to me- I just let it slide off of me. Today try to not only forgive, but LET LIVE... You don't have to forget because that just CRAZY TALK!!! That means you let yourself be open for it to happen again. But when you FORGIVE AND LET LIVE, you allow your forgivenees to be in the limelight instead of the bad actions. By let living, you will not continously bring it up, you will not hold it over the person's head (even if it's yourself) and you will not allow it to alter your mood. Remember NEVER give anyone or any situation dominance over you and enough power to conrtol how you are or who you are!!

I AM taking my advice today and even though as a parent, I have a lot of running around and homework to do with the kids, I will continue to find sometime tonight to do one selfish thing for ME!!!

Next week we will focus on cleaning and cleansing- NOT JUST YOUR BODY BUT YOUR LIFE.

Rememeber, we are on our journey for healing together- one stumble at a time.

Peace and Blessings,





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